Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Timo) - Book 7

The seventh book in the Hope Valley BBW Dating App Romance series.

What if your fated mate was just an app swipe away? 

What do you do when the community you love comes under threat from corporate giants? If you’re a smoking-hot bear shifter clan, you organize a charity strip show, of course!  

Not afraid to go ‘the whole nine yards’, the Bear Heat Strippers are a big hit during their opening show, especially Timo, who gets over his stage fright to take a pretty, curvy girl up on stage for a very sensual dance. He’s only supposed to pretend to kiss her, but his bear has other ideas, and a steamy night of passion follows.  

Raven Hartman was only in town for a bachelorette party, and the next day she's mortified about her – admittedly scorching – one-night stand. She resolves to forget all about it, but she’s fallen for Hope Valley and spontaneously decides to move there, leaving her dull hometown far behind.  

Meanwhile, Timo can't forget the beautiful girl who got away, and when the Bear Heat Strippers have finished touring, he goes on a desperate search for her.  

Raven thinks Timo’s a player, and he despairs of ever finding her, but when Lauren – the mate of the clan’s alpha – finds out what's happened, she's got a feeling that Shiftr, the secret dating app, will solve all their problems.  

Will Shiftr pick the two of them out as purrfectly matched, or will Raven’s huge bombshell and Timo’s furry secret send them running off in opposite directions?