Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Jessica) is out now!

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Jessica), the eighth book in my Hope Valley Dating App Romances, is out now!

It's a story of three best friends, all grown up; a forbidden love; and an impossible choice. And guess what - it's another full-length novel! 

Curvy geek girl Jessica Schmidt works as a developer for the dating app Shiftr. When her two best friends, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances ten years earlier, come to the office looking for mates, she couldn't be more shocked. Will their friendship be the same when she finds out what happened to them, and what’s she supposed to do with the creeping attraction she feels for the sexy, strong, protective men they've become?  
As the son of an alpha, Christian Taylor carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Not least the pressure to be a perfect son to parents who’ve already lost one child. He’s overjoyed to have his best friend back in his life, and he’s doing his best to ignore the fact that she’s turned into a stunning beauty. But suddenly, his father’s life is in danger, and he’s got to take care of his clan. Christian has a very important question to ask Jessica, but one that will leave her with a terrible choice to make.  
Lucas McCoy has been secretly in love with Jessica for as long as he can remember. When they meet after ten years, his attraction is stronger than ever, but he quickly realizes that he’s a full-grown bear and can’t go on acting like a love-sick puppy any more. He tries hard to put his feelings aside and date other women, but when he figures out that things between Jessica and Christian might be more than platonic, his bear won’t let her go without a fight.  

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