Latest book!

I've been a little quiet lately. That's because I've been hard at work at my new series. It's a series of standalone, 100 page romances, each featuring a different woman who meets the shifter of her dreams. All the characters are friends, and they live in the same small-town community, but each story is separate and complete, so they can be read in any order. 

The unifying concept of the stories is that they're based on a dating app called Shiftr. As you might have guessed, it features guys who shift into different animals. How much do you wish there was one of those in real life??? The women who use the app are all sexy, curvy, real girls, who are looking to find their lifelong mate. 

There will be lots of romance, including marriage and pregnancy, and, of course, lots of scorching-hot sex!

I'm really excited for this series, as it' a slightly new direction for me, and I can't wait to publish the first book on June 9th. 

So please put that date in your diaries!