Hot New Release: Wolf Bite

Catherine Vale's books never disappoint, and this latest werewolf novella is definitely a five-star read. Grayson is a tough biker werewolf...yum! While Cadence is a really normal girl. They're initially thrown together under the most dramatic of circumstances, and are then  forced to stay connected as they go on the run seek. The trust and bond between them grows as they fight to survive, and I absolutely loved the sizzling sex scenes!

When Grayson walks into the local bank, he expects that it will be business as usual. That is until a local biker gang shows up, armed to the teeth. A few gunshots later and he finds himself on the run - except he’s not alone. Cadence, the deliciously curvy bank teller is by his side and if there’s one thing Grayson is sure of, it’s that this lady just made things a whole lot more complicated. 

With a rival shifter pack on the hunt for him, and his clan at risk, the last thing Grayson needs is to be slowed down by this stranger, even if she’s one of the most beautiful women he’s ever met. But Cadence has a plan of her own, and a dark secret that she’ll have to confess if they ever stand a chance at survival. 

Note To Readers: This is a standalone story and is free from cliffhangers!