Hot New Release: The Alpha's Justice (Huntsville Pack Book 2)

I'm a big fan of Michelle Fox and her off-beat take on shifter romance, and this new offering is her best yet, in my opinion.

I read it in a single sitting, and couldn't put it down until I'd finished. Gretchen is a unique character -  so stubborn and self sufficient, while I loved the way that Talon hung on, desperate to get her to admit they belong together. 

The book was action-packed - which is my kind of story! and with enough steamy scenes to send me for a cold shower afterwards. Great job, Michelle!

What’s an alpha to do when he’s found his fated mate, but she reacts to the news by kicking him in the balls? 

Gretchen Halbmond became a diehard Daddy’s girl the day her mother ran out on them both. She doesn’t believe in love and isn’t looking for it, but when her ailing father is attacked and left bloody by wolves on the wrong side of the law, she goes out in search of what she does believe in: Justice. 

Sheriff Talon Garde has way too much on his plate. Humans have breached shifters' carefully guarded privacy and are about to go public. If he can’t stop them, what happened to Gretchen’s father is going to be the least of everyone’s worries. 

More importantly, despite Talon’s rep as a badass alpha whose growl strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, Gretchen’s scent makes him go all squishy inside. She’s THE ONE, he’s sure of it. There’s just the small matter of convincing Gretchen it’s pointless to fight fate…and surviving the way she fights it. 

Standalone novel with NO cliffhanger. 

NOTE: While this is book 2 of the Huntsville Pack series, all the books are completely standalone. The series does revisit favorite characters, but the plots don’t carry over from book to book, they are resolved at the end of each story.